Youth Fitness Programs

Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Let’s have some fun with fitness! Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Learn how to have fun and get in the best shape of your life while learning what ‘healthy’ really means.


Homeschooling this year? We offer a fantastic P.E. style gym class. Come to get a great workout and learn something each week about exercise, nutrition, water intake, self defense and so much more. Children need exercise and we know this, but so do the parents! Come to Renovate Fitness and both of you can get your workout in for the day, plus learn skills to continue on your own.


All classes are limited to 3 families and children are paired based on grade levels. Younger kids will learn more basics and older kids will learn more in depth information. Classes are throughout the day on Thursday’s and Friday’s.


Sports training offered 6am-1pm Monday-Friday. If your kids play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, field hockey, swimming, golf or any other sports and are looking for off season training we have coaches who specialize in golf fitness, agility training and weight lifting.


Workout in our clean, personalized fitness studio in Londonderry, NH.  We practice social distancing, which is why we only allow up to 3 families at a time. We keep our facility very clean and sanitize between each session. Hand washing is required upon entry and hand sanitizer is provided for those who want it. Our building is new and has a great venting system and we keep the windows open as much as possible.


Call for more information 603-216-2272.




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