Why Cleanse?

So, I have been cleansing since I was very young. It comes natural to want to flush out my body once a year, but for someone who has never done a cleanse you may be asking ‘why should I’? The truth is everyone should cleanse.

Over time your body builds up toxins. These toxins can be detrimental to your health, causing all kinds of diseases and illnesses and slowing down your immune system. You accumulate all these toxins and parasites from everyday life. The air you breathe has car fumes, jet fuel and chemicals from bug sprays and fertilizers. Fun fact, most women’s breast-milk contains jet fuel and women who live near an airport have higher levels! Disturbing if you’re a nursing mom or plan to be.

Some of the bad things your body can flush out on its own, however some of the most toxic items end up getting stored away in your fat cells in your body’s attempt to keep you safe. Another fun fact, if you drink diet soda or eat anything with aspartame that really is just formaldehyde. As it enters the body in a steady state it begins to warm. As it warms, it is broken down into methanol, a wood alcohol, and from there quickly converts into formaldehyde. This deadly chemical causes severe damage to the neurological system, immune system and causes permanent genetic damage at VERY LOW DOSES. When it enters the body, it doesn’t know what to do with it so it stores it in your fat cells and starts to retain water to lessen the effects, so once you consume it, it’s there forever, or at least until you cleanse. Scary right? This is also why people who drink diet soda become more overweight. This is just one of hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are put in our food every day. Then you have hair products, soaps, make-ups, the list goes on and on. One thing is for sure you need to cleanse.

I hope you can see why cleansing is so important to prevent illness and disease and unnecessary deaths from just a few examples. Health is more than just eating salads and exercise. There are so many components. Good eating habits, daily exercise, cleansing, keeping stress levels down, staying emotionally balanced, proper sleep, healthy sex life and cognitive health are all components to consider when talking about your well-being. It’s important to find and maintain balance, and cleansing is a major step in the right direction.