Only 3 Steps to Wake Up Early

I wake up every day between 4-4:30am and I’m able to do this using 3 steps to wake up early, but let’s talk about how it all happened quickly.

I am not by nature an early person. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. Growing up my family dreaded having to wake me up. I kicked my little brother in the nuts one time, no joke, because he woke me up. And in my defense I was asleep while I did it. No recollection what-so-ever. (Does that make it worse?) I’m pretty sure he was like 8 years old at the time…yeah. He never woke me up again!

Anyways, you get the point, not an early person. Now that I’m in my 30’s I finally learned how to wake up early! So let me tell you. There are 3 steps to wake up early. Yes, it’s that simple.

Reason 1

1). Find a reason for waking up! This is so important. Let’s be honest, your bed is super warm and comfy. If your reason is not strong enough you will just hit snooze or turn off your alarm. Trust me. I know you’ve been here…so have I. I spent months figuring out my true purpose in life. When I finally figured out what it was I wanted to do I realized it was going to be a lot of work and I couldn’t just quit my job. How would I feed my kids? This gave me a reason to wake up early. It was the only alone time I had all day. So, find your true passion. Take your time, figure it out and pursue it with persistence, integrity and consistency. It takes time but as long as you stay focused you will achieve your goals.

Reason 2

2). This, for me, the most important tip. Move the alarm clock! Seriously, you know you’re going to hit snooze 15 times, you just know it. Well, not if you have to get out of bed and walk 5 feet to turn the alarm off. Now you’re up. Might as well stay up, right? This was a game changer. I heard this in the past and thought, whatever, I don’t need to do that, but seriously, you do! Just try this and I bet after a month you’re still waking up early, because it works.

Reason 3

3). Go to bed at a decent hour. Yes, no more late night Netflix binging or crawling home from the bar at 2am. Get it together. Plan to be in bed at a certain time every night. I have my phone set so every night I get a reminder 1 hour before I need to be in bed. This has helped me stay on track. Find what works for you, but be disciplined. In the beginning you may feel like you’re missing out, but after a while you will realize your just giving up one thing to have another.

One More Thing

Figure out how much sleep you really need. No one likes a miserable *you know what* because they didn’t sleep enough. Don’t be that person! You won’t enjoy it and waking up early won’t last. I know I need 6-7 hours a night minimum. If I get less than 6 it’s not pretty. 7 is ideal, but with my schedule it’s rare. Figure out what you need and go with it. Don’t skimp out and don’t over estimate. Experiment! Find out what works best for you.

And that’s it, really, it’s not as hard as you think. Go to bed at a decent time, move the alarm clock and find your purpose. Do these three things and you’re sure to find success. Take it from a girl who hates waking up early and never has in her life, but now has woke up between 4 and 4:30 every day for almost a year!

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