Small Group Training

Why small group training might be right for you. If you’ve ever joined a fitness studio, whether a big box gym, Orange Theory, F45 or any other type, you may have been in a fitness class. There are many types of classes including yoga, spin, step, functional training, Cross-Fit and so on. While these are fantastic fitness solutions they do lack one thing…personalization.

When you are in a group class you get mixed in with everyone else very easily. This can lead to injury if you have poor form. It can also hold you back from hitting your goals because it lacks accountability. Another words, you can slack off and no one will really notice. It could also mean you don’t do enough to challenge yourself and improve.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, you like getting lost in the crowd. Well, it sounds good in theory. You go, workout, even if you half-assed it, you went! Well, the problem is, if you don’t push yourself, you won’t progress, meaning no weight loss results, no muscle gain, nothing. You also risk getting hurt. If no one is watching your form and you do exercises wrong that leads to injuries and now you’re back at square one.

Renovate Fitness has a Solution

Renovate Fitness offers small group training. Now, why is that significant? It’s nearly impossible with large groups to create a custom workout for everyone. This means, an elite athlete may be in a class together with someone who has a hard time getting off the floor. So one isn’t getting enough of a workout, while the other is falling behind and may hurt themselves.

With small group it’s easy to cater to both of these people. “Suzie go hard for 30 seconds. Diane try to do 3 reps, but no jumping.” Both get a great workout and stay safe. That’s what Renovate Fitness is all about. Staying safe, while getting the best possible workout and not getting lost in the crowd.

So if you want to lose weight and get fit, Renovate Fitness small group training in Londonderry, NH is a great way to accomplish your goals. Click the link below or call/text 603-216-2272 to set up a FREE consultation.