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Nancy Griffin

Nancy is a certified personal trainer who comes from a hospital wellness center. She is also a certified Les Mills Trainer and a college instructor. She teaches for the love of fitness and helping people to live healthier lifestyles.


Liz Erlandson

Liz has been training herself for almost 20 years. She went to college for Health, Fitness and Nutrition and has her Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer certifications. She believes every client is different and there is no “once size fits all” program. She started Renovate Fitness in 2019. She has (2) kids, Isabella and Zach, and loves being outside.


Cassidy LaLumiere

Cassidy has a Bachelor’s in Sports Science and Personal Trainer Certifications. She has been with Renovate Fitness since the beginning and loves working with clients who have injuries, want to prevent injury or are looking to lose weight. She loves hanging out with her dog Lulu (who frequently visits the studio) and hiking.

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New fitness studio in Londonderry, NH 

We are a brand new fitness studio and officially opened in our new location amidst all the COVID 19 pandemic craziness. We believe if you love your body and treat it with care, you can live a longer, more fulfilling life, free of disease and pain. All our trainers are fully certified and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

more Client Testimonials

Andrew Chesney

I debated on seeing a personal trainer. After seeing Liz for 4 weeks I can’t stop going and have lost 6lbs. The energy level is amazing. If you have ever debated on seeing a personal trainer, DO IT! It’s well worth the results. 

alie broom

I started training with Cassidy shortly after moving to town. Not only have I lost over 15lbs and gained a lot more muscle, I am learning how to work out the right way. She has helped me get back into shape, get back into my “skinny jeans” again and my husband was blown away by my transformation. I am a mom of 3 and have more confidence now than I can ever remember. 

steph costello

Stephanie completely healed her Diastasis Recti in only 9 months and lost 27 pounds!  Her transformation is incredible!

Stephanie buzon

I worked with Liz this past fall to establish a lifting routine to launch a building phase. We met 2x week and I loved our sessions. Liz is very relatable and motivating and helped me finesse my form. She introduced some new exercises which I’ve incorporated into my routine. Her gym is clean, organized, and well equipped for a variety of exercises. I feel well on my way towards reaching my goals directly from our time together. Thanks Liz!!


Vallen I.

I have been working with Cassidy for about half a year now, and I could not be happier with the results.  When I came to Cassidy, I had been experiencing back problems over the last 3 years that prevented me from hiking, sitting at my desk for too long, and heavy load bearing.  She worked with me to build a plan specifically to sort out the imbalances causing many of my problems.

Not only has she greatly improved my back issues, but as an added bonus she helped me sort out my bench press form and improved my core stability.  The sessions I have with her are diverse, working from the small muscles in the arch of my foot to the bigger muscles in my core and spinal erectors.  Our goal is not just to manage my back pain, but to help strengthen by body in order to prevent my back from flaring up altogether. 

I never thought I would be able to get back to hiking within such a short period of time without a surgery in between.  I plan on working with Cassidy as a long-term client, and wish I would have found her earlier!

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