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Why Cleanse?

So, I have been cleansing since I was very young. It comes natural to want to flush out my body once a year, but for someone who has never done a cleanse you may be asking ‘why should I’? The truth is everyone should cleanse. Over time your body builds up toxins. These toxins canContinue reading “Why Cleanse?”

Cardiovascular Exercise or Strength Training, Which is better for losing weight?

So much has been written about fat loss. It’s hard to determine fact from fiction. What about the best way to burn fat? Aerobic training seems to be the focus of all discussion, however, contrary to popular belief it is not the only way to burn fat. According to the center for disease control, “strengthContinue reading “Cardiovascular Exercise or Strength Training, Which is better for losing weight?”

Periodization – What is it and Why is it Important?

I think the biggest issue with fitness programs today is the lack of periodization. You may be asking, what is this? Periodization is basically breaking your workouts out into periods. For example, when just getting started you may have a 3-6 month foundation cycle. This is where you will build your foundation skills, like balance,Continue reading “Periodization – What is it and Why is it Important?”

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