Group Training Sessions NH

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Starting Jan 1, 2023

Group Workout Classes NH

Monday 5:45am, 7:30 am, 9:30 am, 5pm, 6pm
Tuesday 7am, 8:30am, 5:30pm
Wednesday 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am, 12pm, 6pm
Thursday 5:45am, 6:30pm
Friday 7am, 8:30am
Saturday 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:45am
Sunday 9am

Pilates Group Workout Classes

Tuesday 5:45am                                          
Thursday 8:30am                                            
Tuesday 5:45am 
Thursday 8:30am    

Yoga Group Workout Classes

Tuesday 9:30am                                                     
Wednesday 7pm                                                       
Thursday 9:30am, 4pm                                         
Friday 6:30pm                                             
Sunday 10:30am                                              
Tuesday 9:30am      
Wednesday 7pm
Thursday 9:30am, 4pm      
Friday :30pm      
Sunday 10:30am 

Group Fitness Training Classes NH

  • Daily classes including Beginner Strength, Intermediate Boot Camp, All Levels Cardio, Yoga, Specialty Classes and more.
  • Classes are fun, energetic and for all fitness levels.
  • Get in, out, and on with your day in just 45 minutes.
  • Transform physically and mentally while encouraging community growth and having fun.
  • Improve energy, lose weight, and build strength and endurance.
  • Learn proper movements, heal past injuries, prevent future injury.

What’s included:

  • Fun, energetic classes
  • Get the best workout in the shortest time with just 45 minute classes
  • Fit 3D body scans
  • Health & Wellness classes
personal training workout in our londonderry weight loss studio

Join Our Group Workout Classes NH

Renovate Fitness offers group workout classes in NH for weight loss, toning, building strength, increasing energy, and improving overall health. We specialize in injury healing and prevention. We offer fitness classes, health & wellness class, yoga, nutrition coaching, and more. We are your one-stop shop for everything health & wellness related.

This is Renovate Fitness’ most affordable option.

Not sure if our group workout classes in NH are right for you? We also offer one on one personal training and semi-private personal training classes in NH for those who need, or like, a little more attention and a more personalized approach. These are perfect for those of you who are just not comfortable being around a large group while exercising.

Renovate Fitness

About Us

We are passionate about helping people hit their goals.

We believe if you love your body and treat it with care, you can live a longer, more fulfilling life, free of disease and pain.
We strive to find ways to entertain you while helping you lose inches and feel amazing.

If there are any special classes you’d like to see us start please reach out today.
Examples: Post-partum women’s class, mommy and me class, arthritis, autism, Parkinson’s, etc. We love helping everyone!

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Featured Customer Review

"Liz and her team are great motivators to get you moving and improving your health. The sessions are always filled with energy and geared towards your specific goals and level of comfort. Always professional, caring, and personable. I highly recommend Renovate Fitness."

Donna Sovie

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

  • Renovate Fitness is am awesome gym. I love getting a workout here rather than the big, crowded gym near my house.

    Christopher Pastrana Avatar Christopher Pastrana

    You jumpstarted me!!! I am down 3lbs since my weigh in at your office 2 week ago. My tops and pants are zipping up nicely with no resistance. I need... read more

    Neelima Gogumalla Avatar Neelima Gogumalla
  • Great local fitness center with personalized service.

    James Loverde Avatar James Loverde

    So many good things to say about Renovate Fitness! I am not a gym person, I do not like to exercise. When I first met with Liz, the owner, and... read more

    Crystal Ashman Avatar Crystal Ashman
  • Liz and her team are great motivators to get you moving and improving your health. The sessions are always filled with energy and geared towards your specific goals and... read more

    Donna Sovie Avatar Donna Sovie

    Amazing workout in the convenience of your home. The workouts push you and are available at various times throughout the day. Renovate Fitness’ on-line workout provides you a real-time trainer... read more

    Kate Ryan Avatar Kate Ryan
  • Renovate Fitness is everything you could possibly need in a fitness center. I enjoy the small gym atmosphere and personal attention to my wellness!

    Daniel LaBrecque Avatar Daniel LaBrecque

    Liz is a wonderful person with a great attitude! Very nice and professional. Highly recommend.

    Correy Fraize Avatar Correy Fraize
  • Liz is the greatest human being in the world! If you want professional, personable, and fun fitness go to Renovate Fitness!

    Karrie Cormier Avatar Karrie Cormier

    I attended a cardio class this week and it was fabulous. We stayed moving the entire time, definitely got my sweat on and felt awesome afterwards. Given the circumstances of... read more

    Donna Sovie Avatar Donna Sovie

Renovate Community

Community Building Events

Community Building Events!
At Renovate we have such amazing members that we want you all to meet each other and do fun activities together! Each month we host an event just for members and their friends and family. Join us and be a part of the fun. Shown here is a Laser Tag event we did. (see attached) This year we’ve done hiking, smoothies, food and wine, Water Country and more. We have a lot more planned for the future too!